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Catalog 2015

Xunholm —Xunholm

Jason Sublette was E.T. Habit's second bass player. He brought some sophisticated prog leanings to a group that would grow to harness a strong sense sense of musical adventure. On this tape, Jason ventures off on his own to construct some heavy soundscapes that wormhole into each other with great subtlety and force. He is able to further what he started in Ga'an on this by employing creative use of the heavy mellotron, but takes it a step further outside the box by infusing the approach with a dark ambient and electronic take on the spaghetti western sound. This is a heavy tape and a must for moody powerful heads.

E.T. Habit —Kokoincloudland

Whereas 'Panthers On The Roof' was book 1 of the E.T. Habit tale, 'Kokoincloudland' is definitely book 2. This is the album sans Christmas Woods. On this one, we see lyricist Alex Nova take over on the vocals and the group take the sounds to new strange heights. The music is less hard edged and more surreal. Hell, they even have an actual cat do guest vocals on the album and a pair of blonde headed twins called 'The Gemini Sisters' accompany Alex's voice on parts of the songs. Its outsider honey, part cowboy, part Gong, part electronic scape. William Hafer's drums explode and drift, part Bill Bruford part Levon Helm. Can the world handle the esoteric and conceptual nature of E.T. Habit? I think so.

Tarnation —The Prayer Furnace

The latest from Jason Ogawa's sextet of industrial soundscrapes. Waiting on Teen River for an official blurb, but in the meantime Jake says "so fascinated with the new Tarnation tape coming out, haven't stopped listening to it since I first heard it. Super far out, the dark corners of the forest, snake charmers delight, peyote & ipecac, dine-in at the Frying Pan oasis."

Alex Nova —The Genesis of The Frog Rider

Wow! was the first thing I spit from my lips when listening to Alex Nova's debut solo album titled- The Genesis of The Frog Rider. I quickly found myself submerged in one man's unpredictable and hellbent conquest of the cosmos. Synthesizers suck every bit of seratonin you might have while trying to pay attention to this one way ride straight into the middle of a brown dwarf star. Sexy electric strings keep you horny for more. Nova delivers beautifully with nods to Edgar Froese, Jannick Top, and Mr. Beausoleil himself. The balance between the light and the dark is par none on this album, and the precision is one of masters in the making. Nova is packing a serious arsenal comprised of sci-fi paranoia, thunderous mellotron spell casting, and rogue lone ranger reckless bravado. Hitting every end of the introverted weirdo spectrum, this album has me thirsty for more. I am very interested in seeing where this nomadic astronaut has intentions of dancing. I hear it is part of a greater trilogy. Bravo young adventurer. - Christmas Woods

Jim Lace / Alex Nova —Twists

After the breakup of Onyx System, Lace and Nova decided to see some new songs through. This is electronic playfulness par excellance. Part Bruce Haack, part Manuel Gottsching, part Silver Apples, and like these disciples, it is hard to place this collection of tunes in a safe box. It is progressive in the literal sense. There is definitely a paranormal and science fiction vein twining through the tracks, almost to the point of story telling. 'The Chariot' is a song about a lovely creature who is afraid to die into the stargate, so a 'little lover' hides in her hair to comfort her and avenge her afterlife where needed. 'Worn Out Broom' is a song about a man who has a special broom for keeping the devil's out... Out of this world collection of tunes...

Domestic Animal —Flesh Computer

For this solo effort, Drew Ryan shows us his ability to set grooves and carve out moods through sonic textures. At times funky, at times brooding, Domestic Animal exhibits a talent for establishing lounging motoric rhythms, percussive stabs and unctuated electric bass. Kind of a hip take on the soundtrack music of the 70's and 80's, not dissimilar to his contemporary Umberto.

Christmas Woods —Earthling Outlaw

The latest from cosmic drifter Christmas Woods out February 2014 on Exorcisme Records.

Christmas Woods —Severed Stranger

Christmas Woods is a free spirit with dungeon pressure and this collection of outsider tunes seems to capture that in spades. After fleeing the states and ending up in Montreal, Christmas found a practice space with enough gear to put together these twisted tracks. A strange concoction of rock n' roll, lo-fi prog and black metal all meet and we're just lucky enough to have a seat on the carriage of this sonic skull.

Quingo —Quingo

Quingo inhabited a parallel universe alongside E.T. Habit's sun. It took place in a land of group debauchery, paranoia, and leather. The foul play took its toll on the quick and the group only lasted for three shows, a demo cassette and this full length cassette. In ancient Sumerian lore, Quingo was the god from whose blood man was born. Sounds pretty metal right? Well, it is. These tracks are pure sonic evil.

Onyx System —Dreams Are Not Dreams

Onyx System are a Chicago project right out of the 2013 gates from members of Black Math and E.T. Habit. E.T. Habit's inhouse label has dubbed up a stack of this debut cassette release. Gothy new wave synth jams for days from these moonlight dwellers is what you're getting with some slithering guitar passages, glimmering synth pads a steady drum machine pulse and some delectable 80's affected vocal come hithers. We're hearing a little Chrome, a hint of Tubeway Army and some Rozz Williams death rock vocals peppered throughout so pop this sucker in the tape deck, don the black leather and saunter off into the foggy unknown. -Permanent Records

E.T. Habit —Panthers On The Roof

E.T. Habit has made a return trip to Earth and on this landing they've brought along their debut full length! Pressed up in a hand numbered edition of 300, E.T. Habit started their own label, E.T. Habit Records, to bring you their wares. Their intergalactic psychedelic proto prog punk has been finely honed in for maximum output. ... Panthers On The Roof is ushering in E.T. Habit's "New Cosmic Strut" with some serious attitude so try and keep up. Hugely Recommended. - Permanent Records

Galdron —Sword Metal

Another bizzaro metal tribe led by E.T. Habit's later keyboardist Jason Ogawa. This project was formerly called Darkness & Goblin King. This is experimental metal that doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, but is no less dark for not doing so. An underground sensation, this group was born and extinguished in the darkest of corners. This collection of songs are proof!

Tarantisimo Summit Volume Three

Bat Shit Records saddles up with its second installment of this heavily experimental series. This outing features the unique sonics of Gary Wrong (Gary Wrong Group, Wizzard Sleeve, Mangina), Johnny LZR (Human Eye, Conspiracy of Owls), Alex Nova (E.T. Habit, Curtains, Onyx System) and Xunholm (Ga'an, E.T. Habit). This collection of outsider tunes is chock fulla found sounds, looped oddities, fantasy-esque pseudo prog, dark tinged experimentalism and way-out soundscapes for the listener looking for some challenging sounds. Solitary Mutant Series - Volume Two features Ilth-arific cover collage work just like the first one and also like the first one comes with our highest recommendation! -Permanent Records

Curtains! —Deep In Night City

Debut outsider manifesto here from Chicago night warriors CURTAINS!. 'Deep In Night City' is one eerie mind fuck. Held together by a rhythmic post punk (almost gothy) foundation, this sucker throbs and bobs with shambolic deathrock lucidity. A creepy, delirious landscape where wacked out sci-fi rhetoric, formaldehyde misanthropy and paranoid, clausterphobic dementia are all integral pieces of the puzzle. Creating eerie soundscapes for deranged punk mutants and twisted new wave vampires, CURTAINS! unsettlingly spews 12 crypttic cuts that'll leave your skull in ruins. If your into stuff like the Electric Eels, Chrome, the Birthday Party, Gun Club or 45 Grave, you'll be all over this fucker. Artwork by Ilth (Daily Void, Functional Blackouts). -Deadbeat Records

Courtesy —Idmatic

Drew Ryan's sound collage duo filled with boombox bangers, slow synths and warped tape - aiming for 'My Life In The Bush of Ghosts' status, steering instead into the land of excessive pleasure and accepted confusion. Anything goes on 'Idmatic' as long as the source is surprising, skewed, and slightly familiar. This one is all about texture, accidental melodies and controlled chaos.

E.T. Habit —Venomous

...Chicago’s protozoic cellular mass of prog/psych outer space noise, E.T. Habit has been inhabiting our secular sphere for many moons now, and we’re palpitating wildly in anticipation of their maiden vinyl forging on this debut 7″ single. A nightmarish explosion of glitter and blood, culminating into their gut-wrenching, earth-moving early 70s je ne sais quoi, that can’t clearly be quantified with it’s Alice Cooper Band/Hawkwind comparisons so much as it’s theatrical ambiance... – Victimoftime.com

E.T. Habit —E.T. Habit

Debut tape from E.T. Habit, featuring 2 tracks of their first ever live performance. A glimpse of the rotten future to come!